Quemetco’s City of Industry Facility Installs State of the Art DYSC Power Back Up System – Improving Reliability & Preventing Involuntary Shut Down of Pollution Control Equipment

Quemetco has designed and installed at its City of Industry, California facility the Dynamic Sag Corrector (DySC) Power Backup System to prevent involuntary shut down of critical pollution control equipment and improve system reliability. The new system is designed to help eliminate power quality issues related to fluctuations in electricity, such as momentary interruptions, voltage sags or swells, transients, harmonic distortion and electrical noise which go mostly unmonitored by utilities at the facility level. Quemetco spent more than half a million dollars on the system.

“The new power backup system will compensate for momentary or instantaneous voltage dips from the service provider, thereby preventing disruptions to power-sensitive control equipment,” said Scott Bevans, Quemetco’s COI Plant Manager.

This is another example of Quemetco’s leading edge efforts to reduce any potential impact on surrounding communities.

Similar systems are utilized in other process sensitive industries such as medical facilities. During normal operation, the system monitors power quality continuously. During an event the DySC system is activated in under 2 milliseconds.

According to Southern California Edison (SCE), most power interruptions are due to equipment failure outside the control of the user, such as in-service failure of transformers, switches, or conductors; vegetation or animals (e.g., tree branch, rodent, or bird causing a short circuit between conductors) operations (e.g., urgent maintenance w/o 3-day notice), third party incidents (e.g., balloon, car hit pole, dig-in), or natural events (e.g., weather, fire, earthquakes).

About Quemetco’s City of Industry, California Facility

The Quemetco, Inc. (“Quemetco”) facility recycles used lead-based batteries from vehicles and other lead bearing scrap in order to reclaim lead and other recyclable materials. Quemetco is fully permitted to handle hazardous waste and operates under a RCRA Part B Permit that is issued by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (“DTSC”). More information about the company can be found in English, Spanish and Mandarin at http://www.Quemetco.com