Next Thursday, February 18, is National Battery Day!

To help you celebrate, BCI’s Advancing Lead Batteries Communications Initiative (ALBCI) has created a digital toolkit where you will find a collection of assets and resources to use in your communications, as well as instructions and guidance on how to use them to celebrate throughout next week including Thursday!

Additionally, we are excited to share our new infographic on lead batteries’ domestic supply chain for battery manufacturing. Lead batteries have a vast domestic circular infrastructure that can withstand the world’s greatest crises. There is a digital version and a print version that can be printed out and co-branded with your company logo. Co-branding is great to use when meeting with local, state and federal organizations and officials.

Also new this year is a “By the Numbers” infographic in print and digital form that provides a high level overview of the industry. Like the supply chain infographic there are two versions, one suitable for co-branding. This piece is designed to help introduce the industry to people who are not familiar with lead battery manufacturing and recycling.

Also new this year is the “Lead Battery Uses and Applications” fact sheet that illustrates the many, many uses of lead batteries – from agriculture, to submarines and more!

Celebrate National Battery Day with our Battery Day logo, available in static or animated GIF formats, that replicates a growing “smart” cityscape formed from various battery types, which represents the role batteries play in powering our everyday lives and future. The logo files are for use on your website and in social media.

Please share these materials with your communications team and employees so they can help spread our message. Please share your #NationalBatteryDay social media posts with us so that we can amplify them. 

For additional information or questions, contact Lisa Dry, Vice President of Strategic Communications.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to BCI Headquarters at +1.312.245.1074 or [email protected]