Technology Utilizes a Passive Media Filtration Process to Remove Fine Particulates Without the Use of Chemicals

Quemetco has designed and installed at its City of Industry, California facility a state of the art stormwater filtration system which began operating in January 2017.

The new system consists of the proprietary Aquip® technology by StormwateRx, and utilizes passive media filtration to further remove fine particulates without the use of chemicals.

According to Plant Manager Scott Bevans, “The new system allows us to go above and beyond compliance with current regulatory requirements, and it helps us to anticipate future lower limits for discharge constituents as water quality standards become more and more stringent.”

Quemetco currently meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements established by the Los Angeles County Regional Water Quality Board (LACRWQB) which regulates stormwater discharge in Los Angeles County.

“This is another example of Quemetco’s forward-thinking approach and desire to employ the best available technology to ensure the least possible impact on the surrounding community,” said Bevans.

Quemetco voluntarily invested more than two million dollars in the design, purchase, and installation of this state of the art stormwater filtration equipment.

About Quemetco’s City of Industry, California Facility:
The Quemetco, Inc. (“Quemetco”) facility recycles used lead-based batteries from vehicles and other lead bearing scrap in order to reclaim lead and other recyclable materials. Quemetco is fully permitted to handle hazardous waste and operates under a RCRA Part B Permit that is issued by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (“DTSC”). More information about the company can be found in English, Spanish and Mandarin at